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About GloriJoy

My name is Alissa Nichole, Native New Yorker (born, raised and residing in Brooklyn, New York), the creator of GloriJoy, and I have a creative background that involves web/graphic design and personal styling. Overall, I come from a family full of creatives!

As an only child, I grew up with a vivid imagination. This involved things like constructing boats out of empty boxes and non-stop drawing. To this day, my mom still teases me how I always would say, "I can see it in my head!"... I had a lot of creative ideas going on up there. In elementary school I won many art awards. In middle school I decided to take my ideas from paper to the web and began designing and building my own webpages... armed with that skill, I even founded and ran a keypal (penpals... but with keyboards!) club that was featured in several different magazines globally.

I was able to make a career of graphic and web design in adulthood, but eventually I began craving a new artistic outlet. From there, I moved into the fashion world, working as a personal stylist while still designing webpages and studying image consulting.

Even after all of that, sitting at a desk, pushing pixels wasn't where it was at for me and I found myself craving even more creativity. That's where making jewelry making comes in. It's the ultimate in creativity for me... I get to work with and research beautiful fabrics and learn about different cultures and beliefs... AND I get to come up with creative solutions for design roadblocks. Now THAT'S what I call a good time.

GloriJoy was created in memory of my grandmother, Gloria Joyce who passed away in October of 2015. She was a very talented seamstress and one of the most prominent creative inspirations in my life. I was looking for an outlet for my grief (and boredom) and decided to channel that energy into creating beautiful and unique items, designed to inspire and fascinate.

With all of that being said... I'm a Brooklyn girl through and through that has always had a big love for and interest in travel, different cultures and nature-- especially the beach... and creating these pieces is my way of making the private side of life public. GloriJoy is bold, colorful and creative.

And in case you were wondering, all pieces are handcrafted (with love and an over-active imagination) by yours truly.

If you have any questions or just wanted to say "what up!", feel free to drop me a line at

Yours in peace, love & style,

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